Results: WP Para Surf Championship

On the 8th of May 2021, 20 surfers from around the Western Cape descended on Muizenberg Beach to test their skills in the 2021 Western Province Para Surf Championships. Traditionally competitive para surfing is geared towards those with physical challenges, however on this occasion the competition was opened up to include anyone with mental, intellectual and cognitive (dis)abilities too. Of the 20 surfers 10 surfed competitively for the first time.   5 Juniors + 15 Seniors (7 female) took to the waves, adapting their style to their ability.  The sport is growing and we are super proud to be able to help each surfer on their competitive journey. Here are the results, a definition of competitive divisions and a flowchart for deciding which division you’d surf in at the next competition.

See the Gallery for pictures of the surfers in action.

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