Enable Centre Surf Therapy 28 January 2023 – Private Session

Roxy Davis Foundation 66 Beach Road, Muizenberg, Western Cape

We are partnering with the Team at the Enable Centre for a fun rehab session.

The Enable Centre is unique. We are an interdisciplinary outpatient physical and cognitive rehabilitation facility that serves both the private and public healthcare sectors. What this means is that our team of therapists work together to provide world-class rehabilitation. Our clients and their families are pivotal to the Enable Centre and our services are aimed at meeting all of their individual needs. If you or a loved one is recovering from injury or illness, limited by impairment or wanting to improve your overall health and wellbeing, then the Enable Centre is here to help you.


Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and donors for making these events possible. If you would like to be part of our surf tribe changing a life one wave at a time please donate here.Your donations go towards specialised equipment, safety training and services and surf therapy program management

Surf Therapy 18 February 2023

Roxy Davis Foundation 66 Beach Road, Muizenberg, Western Cape

The Surf Therapy clinics are designed for:

  1.  Anyone who has a permanent or temporary disability
  2. Community members who’d like to volunteer their time and support in changing lives

To get involved

Step 1. Complete your *Indemnity (expires on 31 December 2023)

*complete once per annum or if details change

Step 2. Book your surf/volunteer session here

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