The Roxy Davis Foundation is registered as an NPC 2019/167824/08 | NPO 235-936 | PBO 930069168

Every cent, minute and item counts

A donation of funds, services and/or good quality secondhand (or new) items will go a long way in ensuring community members are able to attend regular sessions building their strength, skills and self esteem.

Sponsor a Surfer

Each surfer is the recipient of specialised coaches, volunteers and medical practitioners


Donate equipment

Lifejackets, helmets, surfboards, SUPs, bodyboards and wetsuits keep the surfers safe

Sponsor a Clinic

Operation funds keep our surfers surfing

Sponsor transport

Surfers living in outlying areas such as Delft and Khayelitsha rely on our support attend sessions

Sponsor Qualifications

Surfing South Africa Coaching, First Aid, Swim Coach, Surf Therapy and Competitive Judging form the basis of Surf Therapy

Donate to Research

A Master’s at UCT researching the physical, psychological, social and emotional effects of Surf Therapy for children with a disability is currently underway. 

Sponsor skills

Skills include therapy (OT, physical, neuro, special needs), medical, tech, graphic design, copywriting, social media, and research to name a few!

Professional fees

As an NPO a sponsorship or donation of legal, accounting and/or insurance services will make the world of difference

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one's time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return." - NELSON MANDELA

  1. Celebrate your special occasion by asking your friends to make a donation in lieu of a gift. Your financial investment can make all the difference to a surfer who is working on their strengths and abilities.
    With your help we can focus on inclusion, wellness not illness and ability not disability.
  2. Leave a legacy - every cent provides a solid foundation for surfers with disabilities and the volunteers who help them.  Leaving a legacy of this kind ensures your values of inclusion, protecting the vulnerable, encouraging everyone to have a voice, preserving the ocean and contributing positively to the community lives on everyday - one wave at a time.
  3. Crowd Funding -  keen to help raise funds for Surf Therapy Sessions - we have a few surfers who wouldn't be able to join in without the kind support of fundraisers like you. Get in touch and let's see how we can do this together.

The Roxy Davis Foundation is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO number 930069168). Donations to us not only contribute to the wellbeing of surfers living with intellectual, mental or physical disabilities but they may also save you money, as certain donations are tax deductible.

Donations which meet the requirements of the Income Tax Act may qualify for a 18A receipt, with this certificate you will be able to access this tax benefit.   Our financial year ends on 28 February, any donations reflected in the bank account by this day will be eligible for a Section18A receipt for the same tax year.

SARS defines a bona fide donation for S18A purposes as a voluntary, gratuitous gift disposed of by the donor out of liberality or generosity, where the donee is enriched and the donor impoverished.
There may be no quid pro quo, no reciprocal obligations and no personal benefit for the donor.   If the donee gives any consideration at all it is not a donation.
The donor may not impose conditions which could enable him or any connected person in relation to himself to derive some direct or indirect benefit from the application of the donation.

You can donate anytime, anywhere and for as long as you like.

To make it easier we have signed up with Payfast who offer the most popular channels (Masterpass, Snapscan, Direct EFT, Credit card payments etc) - this way your money is safely transferred via a recognised platform.

All personal information captured via Payfast is protected and kept on their systems

Account Name: Roxy Davis Foundation NPC
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Account No: 10012459617
Branch Code /Name: 580105 / 100 Grayston Drive

If you choose to pay by EFT, please send a proof of payment ( so that we are able to thank you and send you an official receipt.

Yes, we are.

Every cent counts towards another Surf Therapy session. While therapy is essential, many families funds are focused on food, essentials and schooling - swiping every month is a priceless gift you can give to a surfer with disabilities at no extra cost.

Please add the Roxy Davis Foundation as a beneficiary on your card - Signup here or update your details here

Yes please and thank you - we are a registered Charity on BackaBuddy. If you know how and are keen to be a BackaBuddy Champion - let's connect and help our community out.