Participants and Organisations Involved in Surf Therapy Sessions

The Roxy Davis Foundation host Free Surf Therapy Sessions for many individual participants and organisations

Learn about some of the organisations that participate in the Surf Therapy Sessions

Warrior on Wheels

Warrior On Wheels Foundation aims to uplift and empower children with disabilities by providing special adventures tailored for special kids, thereby changing perceptions of ability and bridging gaps between able-bodied and differently-abled communities.

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Chaeli Cottage Pre-School

The Chaeli Cottage Pre-School and Enrichment Centre is inclusive in many ways - they have children from different race groups,
different religions and able bodied and differently abled children. They provide a safe space for ALL children to learn through play and interaction and to prepare children for school in a loving environment.

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Heatherton House

Heatherton House is a place of learning aimed at allowing teenage students, who cannot meet the requirements/ outcomes of an academic programme to learn, progress and grow at their own rate in areas that they can develop in. (In their areas of interest and ability)

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Project Playground

With a holistic approach Project Playground work using educational, recreational and supportive programs to empower vulnerable children and youth. One by one. Project Playground works to reinforce their personal and social development through support programs and organised activity, thereby contributing to a sustainable future.

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Yarden Center

Yarden Center provides a warm and nurturing daycare environment for children who are physically disabled or with rare diseases. They aim to create a place where these children feel secure and at peace. And strive for each child’s excellence on an individual level. Reaching a child’s full potential by working together as a team with professional carers, parents and therapists.

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