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Roxy speaks to Heavy Chef: Surfing, business, and changing lives

Roxy spoke at and was interviewed by, Heavy Chef in August. Roxy spoke to Caley, the Heavy Chef anchor, on her extraordinary rise to becoming nine-times national surfing champion, coaching the national surfing team, and creating the iconic surf apparel and experience company ‘Roxy’s Surfing Emporium‘ in Muizenberg. The interview then talks about how Roxy started her Foundation, and the links that being a professional surfer, running a successful business, and being present, all have.

“I believe in making small differences in people’s lives, I believe in giving back.”

After the interview, Roxy took to the stage in a jam-packed Heavy Chef event, to speak about her journey and the founding of the Roxy Davis Foundation. You can watch the interview and the full presentation below, but some key takeaways are:

  • Being present in the moment is key, we have so much noise around us, and being in the ocean is a form of surf therapy, there are no emails, phones, or technology. It’s just you and the ocean. You need to be present at all times while in the water, and this carries through other aspects of life as well.
  • You need to adapt and be ready for everything in a changing environment.
  • The philosophy is always, “Yes we can,” there aren’t any problems, there are only challenges that we will overcome and learn from because there’s always a way to overcome it.
  • It’s important to remain focused and to reset, to check-in with yourself, see where you can do better and what you are doing well. To see the journey as a whole, who are you taking with you, and make sure you keep moving forward.
  • We see our team as an incubator model, as a family, and not simply a business.
  • The foundation is open to anyone who wants to experience the life-changing benefits of surf therapy.

Roxy on the Heavy Chef stage in Cape Town


Roxy being interviewed by Heavy Chef


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